Health concern

I realized one worrying thing today. I havent eaten a single fruit in six months. But I have drunk loads of red wine. Wine is pressed grapes, right? And grapes = fruit.
So Basically I am healthy.

Should Mickelino eat fruit more often?
Yes, ‘cos I like him juicy
No, ‘cos he’s juicy enough
Whatever, I couldn’t care less
Mickelino shouldn’t post anything when he has nothing to say
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12 Responses

  1. Wine is very good for you. But think how sexy eating fruit with your lover is….

    Of course, I am a virgin and know nothing of those sorts of things. sniff sniff…

  2. Right Di, you got your children through the holy spirit, I remember… Right Di, you’re as much a virgin as I am Paris Hilton.

  3. My ass is virgin, ha Di, you dirty Di you!!As much as we try to show we love her and she still thinks she has to put on a front as if we’ll judge her.Got to love her though!

  4. Mickelino, wine was good enough to sustain the apostles it should be good enough for you. Add some cheese as the wine goes through you too quickly but the cheese is the balance. That’s all you need…cheese and wine to live a fruitful life. Not to mention it’s enjoyable! Frog, did I tell you I love you today?Sweet Dreams Darling!

  5. Frog, where has Rhino gone. I can’t see his blog anymore. This can’t be?

  6. You left out an option in your poll:

    Unnecessary, because he is a fruit.

  7. at the risk of sounding uncool, fruit has got fiber which your body needs and the pressed grape juice does not have that fiber… 😦 sorry to spoil it for you…
    btw, speaking of healthy, are you regularly attending the gym as you promised us some 8 weeks ago? hmmm

  8. but wine has got flavonoids which are vital to your blood circulation and which hardly any other variation of fruit contains! so bring on the wine!!!!

  9. Wine is just as good babe!

  10. Hey Babs…wasn’t your limit 3 years abstinence to be re-virginized? I meet that requirement.

  11. di, I think, yes in fact you do qualify! I’m sorry for doubting you.3 years,damn? I feel your pain, now!

  12. Nomad, I know,I’m already a fruit, I kind of expected this one, since you’re south africa. Would you be my fruit fly then? or can only girls be that?

    Babs, I also noticed that Rino’s blog disappeared somewhere in outer space for a day or so. It’s been happening to Nomad’s blog as well. Lord knows what these twho are doing…

    Coffee, you were not supposed to remember all the promises I made. Gym, who talked about gym? Not me.

    Thanks Rob, that’s comforting.

    Now, Di, what’swith the 3 year abstinence? Lady get online now!

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