This is official, this thing in the picture is the best present I’ve ever received in my life. This instrument that looks like a boring iron spider or a funny little hat, if your imagination stretches far, will provide you with so much pleasure and happiness that it’ll make you shed tears of joy as soon as you use it or as soon as someone uses it on you. Anybody with a minimum of sensitivity will not be able to stop using it. It’s the best thing since beef carpaccio, I swear. If you know what it’s for then don’t say anything and just go and buy one at once. If you don’t, you’ll love it. But let’s just see first if you can guess what it is.

13 Responses

  1. scalp massager

  2. Frog, are you still awaqke? How about I tell you a story and give you a hot toddy? I could tell you the story of the Prince and the Gay Frog from Paris, who just got a nifty gift that looks like a blender beater and I’ve seen it before and it will leave marks on your ass and if thrown can pin a mans hoozydingers to the wall at ten paces!

  3. BTW, I love your new narrative,”About Me,”But I’m a true frog at heart, I drink red wine like water, stuff myself with cheese, smoke at cafés and pout a lot.What a horrible life,uuug, you poor darling. I love red wine but figured out it gives me a headache so all I drink is Vodka anymore. Oh, do you like Filet Mignon with gorganzola cheese run through the salamander quickly justto bubble not burn?Do you like Gouda or Brie?

  4. I love that you pout a lot! Pout in a sexy, come and get me way or in a sulky, I’m not getting what I want way?

    I was going to say that your iron spider looked like a scalp massages but Di got there first.


  5. Lady Di got it 🙂 saw them on sale in København last Christmas but i got a bit scared of that device and did not dare buy it. 😀 but based on your review, i will have to review my own review, won’t i?

  6. Scalp massager…also popular in some shops in Aust.
    Hi, I enjoyed your blog.

  7. j’suis pas du tout mystérieuse moi! 😀 tu pourras poser toutes les questions que tu voudras! la bise (parce que je t’aime bien)

  8. Scalp massager.

    And, if it works properly, I can see why it’s the best present you’ve ever received. The best part of having your hair cut is having it washed my someone who knows how to massage your head.

    Having one’s head (and back) scratched/massaged is better (almost) than sex.

  9. These are totally fab, I agree.

  10. I saw one of these this weekend at IML this past weekend ( only it had the addition in the handle that made it vibrate….imagine THAT!

  11. Hello het jy my gemis (did you miss me) I cant learn your french lesson dont have speakers at work. so what now. soentjies en drukkies (kisses and hugs

  12. I saw one of these scalp massagers, but the one I saw also had a button for it to vibrate! And I didn’t even go to the International Leather thingy Michael went to! =)

    You’re right though, it’s A LOT of fun.

  13. J’en veux un!! Apporte le ce week end!
    La grosse

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