Frog with a Blog TV: Learn Dirty, Dirty French


24 Responses

  1. Fantastic – surely a 7 d’Or cannot be far behind? This is better than most of the stuff we put on air. Chapeau!!

  2. You are so damn talented! I gave you a shout out on my blog for this. Hope you don’t mind.

  3. Chapeau, you have, once again gone above and beyond the call of duty for the French,you of course deserve a medal. You have so much talent rolled up into one frog, so much I’d be afraid to stand beside you as you amy spontaneaously combust; Safety Goggles!!Thank you so much and I just wanted to say,”va te faire enculer chez les Grees.” Or did I F**k that up too??

  4. Did I tell you that I think you’re the greatest thing since cheese danish??And I LOVE cheese danish!!

  5. Love your profile! So New york! Where were you in Sveirge?

  6. Cheese Danish? Is that like Apple Danish but with Cheese? Oh my! I have to try one of those!

  7. ms.mac, yes it is with a whipped cream cheese baked in. My store, well the store I used to manage makes them. I put on a lot of weight being that I could bring home whatever I wanted of the areas finest pastry.

  8. OMH”!!!!!!!!!!!!



  9. Rhino: Thanks dear, I am preparing my thank you speech for my 7 d’or, you’re in it!

    Di: Go crazy woman, just publish anything you want, the ham I am has nothing against free marketing. Thanks darling.

    Babs, oh Babs, what can I say? thanks for telling me to go and take it down there in Greece. i accept the mission with pleasure. Safety goggles uh? Please post a picture with these on, that’d be priceless.

    Gina, NJtjejen, tack för det, jag är ju so New York? New York 1982, I’m afraid. But anyway, to answer your question, I lived in Stockholm for 8 years. 8 very important years of my life.

    Ms Mac & Babs: I’m so cheesy, aren’t I?

    Ian: so we’re going to have a secret affair, but how are we going to do? Yo live like 1à million miles away, I thought you were married big time! And so am I by the way. But ok, how about meeting at Babs’ on Sunday night. Babs, please prepare the room and the wine. You’re hosting us.

  10. i’ve been touring the country and just got back to find the best french dirty lesson. You have outdone yourself yet again! Now, if all education was this entertaining, i am sure there would be no droupouts 😉
    Bravo!!! Encore!!! (the crowd claps and cheers)

  11. btw, love your new header! 🙂

  12. Thanks Coffee. Touring the country uh? Did you miss FrancisFrancis? and will you be writing about the tour or will it remain a mystery too??? As usual, I bet it’ll remain a mystery…

  13. du kender mig godt! det ved jeg ikke endnu, måske jeg kan gøre det en dag…. kun for dig! 😉

  14. Då lovar jag att vara tålmodig och lugn. Dessutom lovar jag att inte berätta det för någon… Så praktiskt med hemlig kommunikation på “skandinaviska”!

  15. 1.we are both marrid, that´´a why its an affaire DUUUUUUUUUUUUH…




  16. I have the room ready, wine is chilled and the camera is set. Only problem, mrs. and I will get jealous and you know what happens with a jilted, jealous lover redrum,ahh!!But I love a good secret, hell I know where Hoffa’s buried!!

  17. Frog, You’re just lucky you’re gay cause I would stalk your ass for being so handsome and witty. For the rest of my life my true love will always be you!!

  18. Now I will definitely make an effort to learn French!

  19. Nomad, my philosophy is that language teachers should adapt to their target audience. It’s called learner centered instruction. In your case it’s called sex focused instruction and see, it works. I knew it.

    Babs, thanks for lending that room but I don’t want the mrs and you to get jealous, so let’s include you in the party. My other philosophy in life is the more the merrier. By the way, what will you be serving for dinner? Something with Krazy Babs’ mixed up salt?

  20. Typical you’ve been “in TV” for 10 mins and you’re already having a partouze!! WhatEVA. 😀

  21. Well, Rhino, you know you’ve been my role-model all that time. Your life in **showbiz** made me so envious and your resulting “escapades”. And you’ve been in there for more than 10 minutes, so in your case, we shouldn’t be talking about partouzes but international sex trade shows.

  22. Are there good toys for sale??

  23. frog, yesw the more the merrier. Theirs no I in party now is there? I will work on the menu as I’m sure you do not want good ol southern cooking. But I have aneclectic teaching from some of the best chefs. We could have Jerk Shark, oh I don’t know? It would have to be impressive. Did you ever use the Krazy Salt I sent you? It is good in certain things but not all things. You probably hated it,eh?

  24. Micke, I want to see this again. I keep trying but it is private. I need my French, my dirty, dirty French. Big Squeeze baby!

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