Coming soon to a blog near you

Just for Babs and Whatalotoffun who’ve been harrassing me about desperately needing a lesson in dirty French. Before the weekend, you should be able to practice using your first dirty words in French and yell at all your frog friends in a very rude manner. Stay tune!
Picture 1: Babs looking bitchy.
Picture 2: Whatalotoffun looking sweet.

10 Responses

  1. can’t wait to see what you are cooking up for us this time Frog! 🙂

  2. A cauldron of filth, I bet!

  3. OMG, my heart is pounding with excitement. I am so looking forward to this, you just don’t know. I can cuss you in German, Italian and now French. Oh what a well rounded woman I will be! Do not take this lightly as some of us take pride in certain things. I take pride in being able to tell you to… in no uncertain terms. I just cannot wait. Oh, I may not sleep tonight. I better have another drink to lull me from my excitement. Kisses my Frog!! woohoo!!

  4. Make sure you use the international phonetic alphabet! I want to learn too!

  5. next we want to have it in sign language (oh, you thought you were the only one allowed to allocate projects to other bloggers?)

  6. This is the most famous tirade of invectives in Frog’s family :

    That’s dirty FRENCH….very dirty !

  7. I know marsoupiote said something about whore shit balls??

  8. whatalotoffun: you need to teach him this one: ‘jy is uit jou ma se hol gebore want sy poes was te besig’. Said, of course, in a regte Kapie accent. 🙂

  9. Anytime I see Baabs’ endearing visage staring out from a blog I jump on the I come by way of the Lady Baabalicious obviously. Teach her well oh learned french one.. or I shall have to tutor her ‘La Belle Province’s’
    bastardized version. And we wouldn’t want ‘Vive le Québec libre’ le général truning over in his sarcophagus now would we.

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