Garage sale

I don’t know what’s happening to me these days, but I’m so not inspired to post anything. But since I live in the fear that you may stop loving me, dear readers, (yes, I’m fishing big time here!), here is a totally uninspired post about the garage sale Fav. Mr B and I went to on Sunday.

2 friends of ours (see pic) decided to get rid of all the scary presents people had given them throughout the years, wedding, birthdays etc… everything ended up on a small table on the town-hall square and disappeared for a total of 100€. This is what happens to the tacky presents one buys people.
Lesson to learn: never buy anything to your friends, just give them money or booze, that’s the only thing they will truly appreciate. Thankfully, none of the items sold by my friends on that day were presents they’d received from me. Not that my taste in decoration is similar to theirs, no, I just realized I had simply never given them any presents. How convenient!

I did buy, some of their stuff though, a candle holder and two books (mainly because I like my friends, not because I desperately needed these things, in other words I’ve been had again). Later, while walking around the garage sale, I found a dirty old mirror. It was very dusty and I’m afraid it might be inhabited by small animals, but somehow, it just sat there among flowery china and looked at me, looking all sad. It said buy me, buy me, buy me… the seller announced the price and said 20 euros, I went down to 7, hoping to get it for 10. He accepted 7 without complaining and shrugged as if he were saying he’d have given to me for free, had I insisted.

What am I going to do with all this junk now, organize my own garage sale?


9 Responses

  1. yep, i can relate to the lack of inspiration to blog. that is why all i could come up with yesterday was a lame cartoon. but i felt depressed and had the monday blues!
    but i doubt your readers are going anywhere other than your comment box. so don’t feel obliged to post if you are not inspired to do so 😉 ca m’arrive aussi!
    i have been meaning to post about CBD but have not been able to finish the post yet… oh well…. it will come. bisous.

  2. ca ya est! fini. terminé. que pour toi. 🙂

  3. lol…not good… Ah you are a blogging addict, that’s why you had to put a post. 😉

  4. Hey Coffee, great post about CBS, I so agree with you!
    Expat traveler: Good to see you again! Exactly, as Nomad would say, I am blogstipated, no inspiration to blog. I should just take a break rather than post about boring stuff.

  5. I love yard sales, garage sale, any sales. If a pile of cow dung was on sale and really reduced, I would feel led to buy it. I can’t pass up a sale. My weakness, among others. Kisses!!

  6. Do you have a garage? Can I come live in it?

  7. I thought it was lame (arf!), but I sympathise as I’m not feeling very inspired either – it’s the weather!! Got my invite for Roland Garros today though…

  8. I like the mirror, with a bit of cleaning, and polish, some wax for the frame… it could look steller!

    Nice find.

  9. well we never have garage sales in SA. I am a blog-o-holic my self I dont have internet at home and over the weekend it kills me to find out how many of my blog friends came to visit my site. Im still waiting on my french lesson. anything else in afrikaans you want to know.

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