Scandal Finnish Victory

Even though I’m genuinely happy that Finland won for the first time, I think their entry was a true scandal. I want everyone to start writing a complaint letter to the Eurovision Broadcasting Union and tell them that there must have been a confusion between some of the Nordic countries and that Finland and Sweden are not to be switched. I’m sure that some of the votes that went to Finland were supposed to go to Sweden, I can’t see any other solution! Most people in Europe have no idea where both countries are and often confuse them. Yes, that must be it!
Oh well, thank god I spent the night at Rhino75’s International Congress Center and my dear host managed to make me drown my sorrows in all sorts of alcoholic beverages… Read his review for more info.

5 Responses

  1. It’s so sad to see a sore loser!

  2. well our Carola was great, wasn’t she! I truly believe that she deserved to win – but actually I think it was cool that Finland won. The one true scandal of ESC was Lithuania!!

  3. Nomad, I’m a proud sad loser although I thought France’s entry was a pure waste of time. Wish you’d been there with us to watch it, would’ve been fun. Next year perhaps?

    Annika: Tjaba och välkommen to my blog. Carola was divine, such a pro! Ingen i den underbara schlagervärlden kan riktigt mäta sig med en sadan glamourös diva, eller hur?

  4. Next time would be good. I’d even try and sit still throughout the whole event.

  5. C’est un scandale… En plus il m’a vraiment fait peur le gros monstre aux yeux rouges. Et quelle honte pour la France… C’est plus ce que c’était. La Grosse

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