Good evening Europe!

Ladies & gentlemen, the big day has come, the climax of your musical year, the tackiest show on earth, the Eurovision Song Contest is about to begin. Put your glitter outfit on, start practising lifting up your arms in the air, get your score sheet and a reasonable amount of good friends and booze and witness the only thing that unites Europeans.
When I was a kid (this status was valid until 1 year ago), my sister and I would record the show every year and watch it over and over, learned the songs in phonetic Finnish and Swiss-German and would have our own Eurovision in the living-room.
Last week, my sister and I got together and remembered our years of living-room fame and decided to put on a highly glamorous Eurovision show right there in her house with glitter and emotions. Here is a video of our performance, this is Croatia 1993, in Croatian yes, well phonetic Croatian anyways. See how we shake our legs and swing our hips, see how se lift our arm in the air for the final verse, see how we are simply ready for Athens tonight.
For those of you who are in Europe and watch the show, please vote for France, because this year’s song is so bad that I don’t think we’ll get any other votes otherwise. Thanks.

13 Responses

  1. I’ll be back, I’ve just wet myself damn…

  2. I had to change my clothes and everything. That is too stupide bizarre. Such raw talent is not easily found and your sister has that same enthusiastic look on her face as you do. I think we have a real star quality here and I’m only sorry for those that won’t get to see.Damn, you guys are good,oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh shit,shiza, merde!!!

  3. you guys were overly excited!!! Contain yourselves! 🙂 ok, seriously now, there was a point where your sister couldn’t keep the serious face anymore, there was a very faint smile, like she was ready to crack.
    Nomad cracked me up. 😀 I will be more generous: la France, deux points!

  4. btw, Frog, if you have any ideas for the blogging syndrome epidemic let me know. I am currently working on the post, might post it tomorrow or latest monday 🙂

  5. Vrlo kvalitetno ispunjavanja! Funny thing about Croatian is that dialects are very different from one region to another. My friend is from Hvar and she has a hard time translating my cousin’s letters for me–my cousin is born and raised in the mountainous Karlovac region. She does better than I do though, I can’t even read her handwriting–it is very old fashioned. Lovely lady though.

  6. how could Finland have won?! i think it was LOTR fans that were watching Eurovision last night! there were some tragic moments, the show is just gone from bad to pathetic! btw, who were you rooting for?


    I´M A EUROVISION FREAK TO, and I´m still singing
    halleluia, daholam…
    halleluia doshiro kula (phonetics, whatever)

    I hated the Finland Monsters last night… good concept maybe, but horrible song… my fav was Russia.

    I´m so happy to know u like the show!
    now we can get married…oops, too latee

  8. frog, Ian is such a little tease isn’t he??

  9. of frog, I watched it again, your sister cracks me up, you both are so overly entuised about it,. I can hardly contain myself,hoooooooooo!

  10. Magnifique un vrai tube
    On peut se le procurer ou le cd
    Mieux que le dernier eurovision

  11. Enfin tu as pu réaliser ton rêve le plus cher: Chanter avec ton idole. Longtemps le visage de cette chanteuse très connue a recouvert les murs de ta chambre d’adolescent, et là c’est l’extase, on le voit bien.La Grosse

  12. Sété une momente très agradablé é jé té rémerci dé tu amor.Jamé tenia un fan como tu, gracias.
    Bocou mucho besos
    Carmen Chamana,(la chantose très connou de la foto)

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