SurpriseD party

On Saturday I was invited to my friend’s Y’s surprise 30th birthday party. I love surprises and especially the look of surprise on the surprised people’s face. The birthday girl was not exactly thrilled as her facial expression said more something like “WTF” when she saw 20 people pop out from behind the sofa rather than the expected “Oh my god all my friends are here, I love you so much”-kinda facial expression.

In order to compensate for that lack of enthusiasm (the latter eventually appeared on her face at the view of the very expensive presents we got her), it seems that everyone kept on looking very surprised all night. How surprising…


11 Responses

  1. Wow, you are so mischevious. That’s why I love you to death!!She looked really impressed, huh???

  2. Mr. B looks like a psychic!!

  3. you need to clarify something for me: Fab Mr. B lives in Madrid, Bordeaux or Paris? Am lost 🙂

  4. Sounds like fun! No pics of the presents? Drinks? And wonderful french food? Hmm…

  5. Thanks Babs, you’re a darlink! Fab Mr B is a bit of a psychic actually as he can so easily read my mind.

    Coffee: Fab Mr. B is ubiquitous, widespread and all over the place at the same time. I fold him and pack him in my bags and then blow him in order to bring him to life. But he’s better than just any regular inflatable toy as he can talk as well.

    Rob: You are never satisfied. I don’t know what to do to please you anymore!

  6. What a lot of big mouths!!

    If you want me to help with your template, let me know. Email is probably the best way to go about it.

  7. OK Frog, you wanna jap slap me about Janet Jackson but it’s ok for you to make me think I’m hearing things with your Grandma shit. Dirty bugger, you!!!
    Friggin’ Frog!

  8. Looks like you had some fun. We were at a surprise 30th to on friday. boy did I have a lot of shooters.

  9. I’m sorry Micke, of course I am pleased with your new post! I’m only offering helpful critque and ideas for the future. Honestly =)

  10. Boys you blow and they come to life but they “talk” as well. Damn! How’d I miss out on that one. I like some fine conversation.

  11. so i am not the only one not disclosing all the details. I owe a list of places where i have lived and you owe me the GPS location of Fab Mr. B! 😉 (no worries, i don’t have plans to wipe him out or anything – same motivation as you: curiosity!)

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