The perfect weekend

There is nothing better than a weekend back home in Bordeaux where I could enjoy the full treatment:

Wild party with crazy girls!
Brunch in the garden under the spring sun!
Afternoon at the beach!
Dinner party with dear friends!
Intense hang-over watching Six Feet Under in my underwear (a bit embarrassing but oh well…)

All of that with a view over Medieval Bordeaux!
Have a look!

15 Responses

  1. Very NICE!

    You are an inspiration to me Micke, I want to travel now! And experience loads of exotic stuff!

  2. Doesn’t that laptop get your crotch very hot?

  3. Mickelino! You are looking straight down your friend’s top!

    Bosom envy?

  4. such decadence! it is just like Sodom and Gomorra… (that’s it, i lost my groove and my train of thought – now i have to go check if you are INDEED looking down at your lady friend’s top!)
    btw, is that Fab Mr. B? romantic escapades during the weekend, do tell!

  5. sounds like you had a fun time. Whats printed on your sleep shorts.

  6. Now there’s a place I haven’t yet visited but fully intend to, if not for the wine alone.

    And those girls do look pleasingly crazy.

  7. It does look a bit o’debauchery, I’m so jealous,arg! Yes, Mickelino does the laptop make your crotch hot, enquiring minds want to know. Good question Nomad! Leave it to Nomad to forge through to the real details!!

  8. babs, have you noticed how he has gone all coy on us and refuses to answer the question?

  9. Frog has deliberately been avoiding his own comment box for a while now. Hmmm…. we should boycott until he decides to make an appearance 😀 Oui, je suis TRÈS méchante 😉

  10. I know Nomad, I’m so bad at answering questions… the laptop does make my lower area hot, especially when I see black beauty, Keith, on screen from 6 feet under.

    As for the bosom envy, naughty Ms.Mac, I always look at women’s breasts, I love them, I worship them. Seriously I do. There’s nothing better than a woman with a nice rack.

    Coffee Baby, you’re so right I’ve been really bad at commenting in my own comment box lately, it’s just that I’m overwhelmed by your comments and never manage to find anything witty to answer back and then when I finally do, it’s too late.

    Rob, traveling back home to Bordeaux doesn’t really feel like traveling for me since I spent a big part of my life there, but I do think that my other trips made me a better person somehow, they opened my mind a little. Ok, this sounds like a big cliché, I know, but there’s nothing better than traveling. For me traveling is a priority, I save all my money for it. Although I have grown a bit tired of the long haul flights lately and prefer staying in Europe.

    Keiran, you should definitely visit Bordeaux, it’s quite an underestimated French city. People there have a bad reputation in France, we’re famous for being obnoxious snobs, which we are, but the heart of the city is well worth a trip to France and now that you know someone from there, it’s a free ticket to how fun the city can be!

    Whatalotoffun: As you can see I wear boxer shorts, I hate those tight things that stick to your skin and don’t enable your family jewels to breathe and flap in the breeze.

  11. the frog has legs after all!!!!!!

    yummy yummy!

  12. The beach looks wonderful and so do your legs. (Rob will no doubt ask why I am looking at your legs just as he asks why all the eye candy I post is of gay men–what the hell can I say?)

  13. Frog, I respect a man, gay or not that respects a nice pair of knockers, I mean breasts!!

  14. Di! I am not that critical of you and your fasination with the Celebrity Gays!

    I wasn’t even going to mention Micke’s legs… but now that you bring it up! They don’t look so pale as I might have thought… I think Micke tans at the salon!

  15. Rob: the light was good, that’s all. My legs are usually as pale as my butt.

    Di: Thanks, I’m glad you and Rob have the same tastes in men. What do you think of Alisatair Appleton then?

    Ian: ::Blush:: my frogs’ legs are taste better than the real stuff though. There’s definitely more meat in there. A little too much unfortunately…

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