I don’t know why, but I hate birds. I just want to stuff them with herbs and a lemon and then eat them.

The city council in Chicago has voted to make Illinois’ largest city, the first city in the US to outlaw the sale of foie gras (goose-liver) that normal people consider a delicacy and Chicagoans describe as a product of inhumane treatment. In three months, Chicago restaurants serving foie gras are subject to a 500$ fine.

I recently read that most anglo-saxon cultures consider that animals have souls and feel pain.

Latin cultures consider that animals (except dogs and cats) hardly have a brain and therefore don’t feel the pain. Animals are there to be eaten. End of the story. Frogs, snails, geese… you name it. It’s all brainless and very yummy.

Chicago’s mayor, Richard Daley is not happy. “We have children getting killed by gang leaders and dope dealers, we have real issues in this city. And we spend time dealing with foie-gras? Let’s get some priorities.”

A wise man.

In my next life, I want to reincarnate into a goose. I want to be force-fed grains all my life and end up spread softly on a toast washed away by a sip of Champagne.

The best way to go.

(For yummy foie-gras recipes, click here)


11 Responses

  1. They protested my restaurant for veal and foie-gras and they did the same thing at a restaurant in Pittsburgh. They threw a brick through the window. That restaurant was down the street from where I worked at Panera Bread in the Oakland section where Pitt University students were still standing around Sat. morning when I was going to work at 5:30 AM. They were still protesting. They broke a big sculpture that was in the front window. Now, that’s just ridiculous and they need to get a life and concentrate on their studies or something.Chicago’s mayor is so right, we have more important issues than goose pate’!!

  2. you’ll have some tomorrow evening

  3. I’ve never had goose liver, I don’t think I’ll like it though. But I don’t think it should be outlawed either. I’m all about choice and letting people decide their own eating habits.

    Unless the animals are endangered, then they are just greedy, trying to eat the last of a species!

  4. Or they are trying to eat humans. I think canabalism is bad too!

  5. Rob! You’ve never had foie-gras? Get the culinary police at once! Arrest him! Babs, do something please! Poor Rob hasn’t had foie-gras…
    I agree with you Rob, eating humans is not a nice thing to do.

  6. I have had foie gras (a real live proper one at that) and quite frankly would start a campaign tomorrow to have the revolting stuff banned across the world. If only it weren’t so much effort.

    Oh but I don’t like birds either.

  7. It’s all very well coming back as a goose but you’d have to get rid of the gag reflex :-). I always think foie gras is a little overrated (yes, send the food police round straightaway) but on the great scale of things, I don’t think it merits a fine or indeed any action whatsoever. And geese are so nasty and bad-tempered anyway. I like ducks, though, they make me laugh.

  8. Eating frogs are you included. I do not eat liver, kidneys or anything like that. I have tried it but not for me. NO THANK YOU

  9. My pet rooster, Cockzilla died the other day, outliving his hen, Fluffy, by a year. Oh, what a sad day that was! Or maybe not…the kids are no longer harrangued to feed him.

    It’s funny how the anglo-saxons differ so much from the latins when it comes to animals. Or maybe that should be the germanics vs the latins. Vegetarian resaurants are almost unheard of in southern Europe (France too?) whereas they’re easy (ish) to find in the US, Canada and northern Europe.

    I could NEVER become a vegetarian!

  10. I think people are just bored about life so they have to find something to complain about. So,tell them if you don’t eat foie-gras then you can’t have anymore Hamburger Helper! I could never be a vegetarian either!

  11. prepare to be shocked! i have never had fois-gras and i grew up vegetarian until i was 17. now i eat white meat and fish once in a while but hardly ever red meat. C’est la vie mon ami. Everyone their tastes. Tastes can’t be argued 🙂
    in case the culinary police is looking for me, they can find me here: neverending avenue, numéro 0, 2ème étage à droite.

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