The Art Contest: Diaporamadrid

I am very interested in art but I know very little about it. What? what? Shame on me? Well, let’s see how much YOU know about art. I’ve gathered here some of the most amazing pieces of art I saw in Madrid this weekend. You should be able to guess from the style which painter/sculptor created them. You just need to find the artist, not the name of the piece. You don’t even need to say which painting was painted by whom, just give me the list of artists in the comment box. That’s all. Easy? Right? You’ll see the pieces of art at the end of the fabulous documentary below. Enjoy!


8 Responses

  1. feel like i am trying too keenly to be the first – but not really 😉 there are some annoying bloggers that i have seen in other people’s comment boxes that love to get there and scream: “I AM FIRST!” i am avoiding a reputation like that…. 😉
    what a fun slideshow! “the turtles that… inhibit…” i am just taking the piss! sorry, couldn’t help myself. Well well well, tis now i learn of a Mr. B! do tell!
    btw, the project will be up demain. C’est promis. J’étais trop féneante ce weekend!

  2. SECOND!

    An excellent photo essay with commentary! I won’t bother to look up the names of the artists… I’ll just guess… Pablo Picasso? No? Oh well.

    Anyway, I love old buildings like the next guy, and I love a bit of color splashed on a canvas like the next guy as well… but what about the night life?

    No gay bars? No pics of the go-go dancers! Did you at least take any pics of a semi-nude Mr B?

  3. Looked at the video but no sound due to the fact that my PC have no speakers I think I must get some air phones and bring it to work. What a nice place. You got to pack me into your suitcase next time PLEASE I am sure I will fit it. Now we want the juicy naughty pics or video’s. I’ll get my popcorn so long OK.

  4. OMG! Am I fourth?

    The only artists I can pick out are Picasso and Dali (the geat masturbator) In fact I think they’re the only two artists I know at all. How sad.

    I loved your tour of Madrid!

  5. i forgot to play! i will go with ms.mac: Dali and Picasso (i am hereby clueless in regards to the other pieces of art!)
    loved your comment: they are ALL out of control. tu m’amuses tjrs.

  6. Excellent Micke – that film was so long, I felt like I’d spent the weekend in Madrid :)) No, seriously, it was very cool – you should start doing a regular pod-cast!! Looks like you had a good time, but didn’t you go out on the town at all? Hasta pronto y besos, Rinocito

  7. This was so decadent. I forgot to leave a comment. I was too busy sending a link to my son to watch!!

  8. Ahhh, so lovely in Madrid this time of year. Don’t you think? 😉

    Loved it. But who was the sculpture by?

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