Where am I going?

I’m going to spend the weekend in a very famous European city. Its main attractions are fabulous museums that form a triangle in the heart of the city. The other main attractions are the night life and some ubiquitous minimalistic dishes.

Souvenirs I will definitely bring back from there: 4 cartons of cheap cigarettes, dried sausage and a hat.
So where am I going?

14 Responses

  1. you will be spending the weekend in Madrid!!! The Golden triangle refers to the city’s three most important museums. Fun fun fun. Have some churros con chocolate for me. 😉 Bon voyage!

  2. Go on wit cha bad self coffee addict!!
    Have fun frog, love of my life!!

  3. Oh chocolate and churros! YUM! Have fun Micke, I envy all you travelers.

  4. ooops, one comment and i made it to Babs’ black list! 😉 i need to figure out a way to regain her favour.

  5. I would love to be going to Madrid for the weekend!

    Are we going to witness a Babs vs Coffee Addict bitch fight over blogfrog? Oh, I do hope so! 🙂

  6. I get my popcorn ready for the bitch fight Babs my money is on you. Froggie please pack me into your suitcase next time you always visit these nice place.

  7. i don’t stand a change against Babs! 😉 oh god, what have i gotten myself into?

  8. coffee addict, we will share and share alike. I forgot, a proper concubine must learn this. I want to grow up to be a Courtesan, so I must learn this!
    You, my dear, I shall bow to!

  9. Mickelino, your picture gallery are works of art, simply exquisite!!Did you just add that or have I been drinking too much?

  10. Madrid is so cool, Micke. I MUCH prefer it to over-hyped Barcelona. You’ll have a great time. The Thyssen museum is FAB. Hasta pronto!

  11. A hat and sausage it’s ok but don’t tell your mom you’re going to buy three cartons of “cheap” cigarettes she’d be too worried !!

  12. I miss you, who will I stalk while your off buying cheap cigarettes. I have so much to tell you. It is top secret, strict espianage, Interpol can’t even know. I can’t wait for you to get home!!

  13. pense à prendre en photo la table de nuit espagnole !


  14. well, according to the others, you’re going to madrid. so i think, after much consideration, you must be going to moscow.

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