I’ve been tagged by Celeste, a beautiful South African girl (well, that’s what she says anyway, but her picture still remains to be seen;-) hiding behind the secret name: whatalotoffun and who lives in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

PE, as it’s commonly called, is in SA (as the country is commonly called, God they’re lazy…) is a city I visited a few years ago. Unfortunately, my first impression of the place wasn’t great and I once said so on Reluctant Nomad‘s site, another South African, commonly called RN, I’m sure. Which of course made whatalotoffun react immediately and start her revenge program.
Hence the very irritating questions she asked me (and many of you) below. I don’t particularly enjoy memes usually, but I must admit they give one a better idea of who the blogger is and as I want to be nice to whatalotoffun after criticizing her amazingly beautiful city (how silly of me), here we go…

Oh! And according to the tradition, I have also tagged 4 people, but I have changed the meme. see below.

4 jobs I’ve had :

Not sure which ones I should focus on since if you’ve read this, you know that I’ve had my share of weird jobs. But let’s try to make a selection here:

Cleaning lady at a hotel in Wyoming

Italian coffee salesman in Germany

Actor in a radio broadcast soap-opera in Sweden

My current job, which is not as weird as the ones above.

4 movies I could watch over and over:

Clockwork Orange

The Sound of Music

Sophie’s Choice

Moulin Rouge

4 places I’ve lived:

Stockholm, Sweden

Bangkok, Thailand

Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyoming, USA

Bordeaux, France

4 TV shows I love to watch:

Six Feet Under

Desperate Housewives

Will & Grace

Edward Northon’s show

Eurovision Song Contest


(sorry, but I love watching crap on TV, so had to find more than 4)

4 places I’ve been on vacation

Capetown, South Africa

Tokyo, Japan

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Saint Petersburg, Russia

(There are many more though, but these were some of my favorite places)

4 sites I visit often:





4 of my favorite foods

(This one is really too hard as I love food more than anything else, but among the favorite classics), recipes available on demand.

Larb moo (spicy beef salad) with sticky rice

Nigiri sushi

Beef carpaccio with olive oil and parmesan

Jansson’s temptation

4 places I’d rather be right now:

Cheap seafood restaurant on a beach in Hua Hin, Thailand

At a dinner party at some good friends’ place, drinking wine, discussing important matters such as “is Susan in Desperate Housewives going to get back with Mike?” sh… don’t tell me.

Getting ready for my Academy Award speech

On my way to a singalong Sound of Music night

4 people I have tagged:

Sorry guys but this meme is ending here since I’m changing the subject to:

The Memebarrassment

1- One secret I’ve never told anyone before (preferrably something juicy I’m quite ashamed of)

2- One famous person I would give up everything/everybody for.

3- One fruit or vegetable I surprisingly find erotic, please explain why.

4- One TV show/movie I secretly love(d) in spite of its totally uncool factor.

5- If Hollywood made the movie of my life, which actor/actress would be perfect to play ME? Please explain why.

6- The least appropriate place where I just HAD to go potty. Please give lots of very embarrassing details.

7- 4 people I tag.

And for this one, I’m tagging Babs, Rob7534, Ms. Mac and Di.


13 Responses

  1. Gee, what are friends for. I don’t have a life this should be easy, piece of cake!!Kisses my frog. Did I tell you frog legs taste like chicken?

  2. Damn it Babs, I was already to leave a message and now I am laughing so hard I gotta pee! grrr.

  3. How I loved Six Feet Under and how I miss the Fishers!

    I shall get on your new meme today!

  4. Cape town on of your favorite holiday places I thought you hated. If you read my blog soon there will be photos of me soon.
    Desperate Housewives my favorite to we got the 2 series on computer (not out by us yet) like the episode where the nun and eva bitch slap each other do you watch prison break dont you think that guy is to die for.

  5. me again. We are lazy Uhm. Revenge what revenge you to cute.

  6. what an exciting life you’ve had (so far!). i mean, it is not everyone that gets the chance to be in a swedish soap opera!
    shall be posting “your” project tomorrow. 😉

  7. Great Coffee Addict! I’m looking forward to it! Well, not everybody has had the chance to be in a Swedish soap Opera, sure, but I’m not too proud of my performance though. If you want to see me as an extra in a Danish movie, rent “Barbara”, a movie that came out in 1998. I’m one of the officers in the ship scene, wearing a 17 century wig!
    But you’ve certainly had your share of interesting life, wow so many countries you’ve lived in! Tell us more!!!

    Babs, I know, frogs’ legs do taste like chicken except there’s not as much meat on them. I actually don’t like frogs’ legs, I find them pretty boring and tasteless.

    Di, I’ll be looking forward to reading your answers soon!

    Whatalotoffun, are you kidding? I loved Capetown, it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in my life. I would move there in the blink of an eye! and I loved South Africa. It’s PE I wasn’t too crazy about, but again, I spent such a short time there that I’m not really able to judge.
    Can’t wait to see your pics!

    Ms. Mac, Six Feet Under is just the best series ever made! I’m on season 4 now so please don’t reveal anything! Have you seen it all?

  8. OMG i will have to run and get “Barbara” and check you out!!!!

  9. I want recipes for those food things you like.

    Whom did you fall in love with the first time you saw Sound of Music?
    I fell for Julie Andrews, the eldest daughter and her Nazi boyfriend.

    Which reminds me that a film that I could have included on my list of repeatable favs is Cabaret.

  10. Yes, I’ve seen it all and it was brilliant! Absolutely one of the best tv series ever made in the whole history of tv!

    I am done with the meme. I can’t believe I did it really.

  11. Ok Nomad, will post the recipes soon, just for you dear!
    My favorite characters (ie the ones I’d do) are in order of preference:

    The Captain
    The Baroness
    Mother Superior
    The hills

    Hope that answers your question.

    Ms. Mac, your answers are hilarious! You’re a star!

    I can’t believe everybody did the meme even though I feel you all thought it was a real painful process. I promise not to bother you with this for a while. See ya!

  12. Good, I look forward to those recipes.

    As for your Sound of Music characters…you obviously have a very different taste in men to mine!

  13. Du menar seafood stället ute på piren? Med jätteräkor och så?

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