Wordless Wednesday


8 Responses

  1. Where’s the damn wine opener. I’ll chew off the cork if I have to.Here’s my pocket knife, gime me that bottle there!!

  2. Babs, I was already there. Cn’t you tell they are all empty! 😀 I’m smiling!!!

  3. i just noticed your first WW! j’avais pas du tout compris ton commentaire sur mon blog – ah, voilá: the coin has dropped.
    en vérité vrai, cette affaire du WW m’agace parfois, parceque je choisi une image controversielle et j’aimerais bien que ca cause un peu de …. CONTROVERSE. mais j’ai toutes ces mamies du Bible belt qui me font chier (ooops) et donc ce WW commence à m’enmerder. Ca vaut pas la peine quoi, puisque les commentaires aboutissent toujours au même: how cute, awwww, LOL, blablabla. Pas de débat, rien. Air-heads.
    sorry for the rant. 😉

  4. and with all this ranting and venting i forgot to say what i wanted to say: BRING ON THE WINE, Frog!

  5. Coffee Addict! Tu es vraiment une sale garce et je t’adore!

  6. frog, I thought I was your nasty slut, whore concubine. Now a new improved coffee addict has come along.ce qui sera sera, go on without me. I eat frog legs so hah!! Truly, I love you both!!

  7. Babs, are you on drugs or inhaling something that is making you hallucinate? I would NEVER dream of doing such things. I not near as clever and witty as you are! That is for damn sure 😉

  8. coffee addict, I was sniffing glue when I wrote this but you my dear would be a worthy opponet, don’t sell yourself short. Your much more worldly, I’m street!!Kisses!!
    Frog, see how it is and you’re gay,proves my theory once again; all the good men are gay, thus I will die a Fag Hag. But my tombstone will read…
    Dame Fag Hag!!

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