Happy Blogday Rhino!

Our dear Rhino75 is celebrating his First Blogday this weekend. After Babs tribute, here is my little Blogday card to my fancy neighbor. Happy Blogday Rhino!


13 Responses

  1. comme toujours: impeccable.
    you are spoiling us and we are going to expect more and more of you 😉 will you be able to keep up?

  2. BRAVO! A wonderful tribute.

  3. Standing Ovation and the crowd goes wild…aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! If I had roses to throw, I would!! You’re just so damn cute with your french accent, oh a complete turn on. You must marry my son, right away!Oh, this was a wonderful tribute, something to savor and Rhino , yes you must show us your
    gluteous maximus, pronto!!Well, of course it is only a ploy to get you up and running again. Please get well soon! Frog, you are a true friend!!

  4. C’est comme la nuit des Césars!! What can I say? Thank you, thank you Micke. I half expect David Douillet and Bernadette to come through the door with some pièces jaunes for me. Marvellous. Mwah!

  5. frog, I watched it three times and loved it. Your facial expressions are exquisite. Such love!

  6. Frog…so charming. I jumped over to Rhinos and wished him a happy blogday!

  7. Don’t you all think we should all start at Blogday tradition? Seriously? Well I’m starting it.

  8. the idea of “blogiversaire” was fab – as long as i don’t have to show my “derrière”(eventhough i have only been at this for a couple of months… so it is going to be a while till mine comes around…)
    btw, thanks for the project – will work on it. 😉

  9. you have been tagged

  10. I need another reason to celebrate. I got tipsy just for Rhino last night and the night before and before and…

  11. As usual, this being the office, I can’t see the card so will have visit you this evening.

    Happy Blogday to Rhino!

  12. Everyone’s being nice. That’s nice. More of it!

  13. That’s better, I feel fulfilled now that I’ve seen and heard blogfrog sing that touching little ditty.–>

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