Introducing my father

Ladies and gentlemen, please meet B my dad. Then you wonder how I turned the way I did!!! Anyway, didn’t Papa Frog look dashing on New Year’s eve?

8 Responses

  1. he looks “magnifique” Frog Sr.! fab, just fab. (btw, you are however better looking, no doubt!)

  2. Merci coffee addict, wait until I turn into a geisha, with my socks in wooden flip-flops and all!

  3. frog, you are a chip off the ol’ Geisha block. Yes, Do get evidence when you turn Geisha, I’d just treasure it and share it with my grandkids.Look at Uncle Frog in Paris!!
    BTW, that pic is priceless!!

  4. Lovely! 🙂

  5. Your father is simply stunning! Wonderful costume!

    Who does his lipstick, I LOVE THAT!

  6. Amazing!! Is it true that your Dad’s going to be the new face of Estée Lauder?

  7. rhino is that true? Maybe the next Coco Chanel!!

  8. ta pas honte qu’un être aussi merveilleux que toi sorte d’une famille de dejentée pareil!!!!enfin je suis fière de mon viel oncle usé et fatigué!!!!

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