I’m wondering…

…how old a granny should be to justify my giving up my seat in the subway? Most of you kind people will claim you don’t think for a second and just do your Mother Theresa at once. But it’s not that simple, you see…
It always takes me several minutes to figure out what I should do:

– Is she old enough to get my seat?
– Is she going to be upset if I give her my seat since she doesn’t consider herself old enough to be given a seat?
– Does she look like she deserves to be given my seat?
– Should I pretend I haven’t seen her?
– Will anybody else give her their seat, damn it?
– Isn’t it healthy for old people to stand up every now and then in order for their muscles to keep working?
– Should I wait until she falls on the ground to give up my seat?
– Does she look crooked enough to sit down?
– Isn’t she going to get off soon?
– Why didn’t I give her my seat?

You see, it’s important to sit down and take time to think sometimes.


14 Responses

  1. OMG Frog, you certainly do have a valid point. Why, with all this equal rights shit women are spouting, it would be double standard for you to give up your seat. For all you know she could be one of the founders of the women’s coalition and bitch slap you on the spot for even implying that you should give up your seat. Then you’d start another riot and hell would break loose. Yes, you gotta think these things through anymore! Poor Frog, life is so damn complicated isn’t it? Squeeze and Kisses!!

  2. You’re right Babs, we don’t need another riot here!
    Life is hard for me indeed! As you’ve noticed, I have to go through a lot these days!
    Squeeze accepted.

  3. Little game: how many people in underwear can you find in the picture?

  4. 3 people.

    Sigh, the seat business. I haven’t been on public transport in ages.

  5. Everyone in that pic should be wearing underware. Only the freaky people go Commando!

    My rule of thumb is:
    -If she’s older than you, offer up your seat on the bus/subway or pretty much anywhere, cafateria etc.

    I expect others to treat me the same way when I get that old! They better, or I’ll be one of those old bitter guys hitting people in the chins with my cane.

  6. You should only give up your seat if she’s wearing a groovy hat and she lets you try it on!

  7. I will always give my seat up to the elder (from 60 up). That was how I was brought up. To respect the elder. But things are changing so much. The yough of today dont even have respect for themself.

  8. I totally agree with Rob – one should definitely give a seat to the elderly citizens, simply because when I finally grow old and my heels are killing me, I expect the same courtesy from the youngsters of this society. And I do not believe they would want to taste my bag, nor those heels!

  9. unfortunately, at the rate this young generation is behaving, by the time we are old and gray,they won’t be giving up any seats; they will poke us, ridicule us, carve us and find it all hillarious! watched a programme the other day about the youth of today and have not recovered yet. Where’s my Prozac?

  10. If you were British, you would give up your seat instantly. 😉

  11. HAHA! you’re so right. i’ve often held the same inner dialogue myself.

  12. I like commando Rob! Damnit

  13. Frog, are the days of chivalry gone? I almost think so, except for the few the proud, the Rob7534. But he doesn’t have to think about riots either for God’s sake. Paris is in revolt right now, there’s something in the water.
    Personally, I still have manners but you should never have or expect with a sense of entitlement.
    On a serious note, do to, what you want back.

  14. ohhhh! lol frog. On a funny note, with the fat little slobbies I’ve seen lately who look like they couldn’t run 25 feet without falling out, I think some little old ladies might be saying to themselves “should I give up my seat to this McDonalds-fed, red-faced kid who’s panting?” 🙂

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