Spell with Babs

A few weeks ago, Babs from Babsbitchin’ International wrote me a sweet poem. I promised I would write somthing back so here it is. But as I’m very much into teaching, I had to give certain pedagogical virtues to the amazing piece of art I created. So see how you can sing and learn how to spell at the same time. It’s like the perfect combination between school and entertainment. View the video and sing along, the lyrics are written below. Hope you’ll like it Babs! Special thanks to you for being such an inspiration in my amazing art…

Song for Babs

Ba Barb, a wired bitch
Ithink she can be a witch
Ta drink she’d never drink
Chow she drives you really mad
Hshe aches more than you think
Ea drug she’s surely had
Sa sexy charming bitch

and that’s why we love our Babs, Babs, Babs…


25 Responses

  1. Mickelino, you are obviously the most talented and loved man I’ve yet to meet.This is a special talent to only be enjoyed by the aristocrat, eclectic and crazy upper class.You are so special to me, I have no words.
    Soyez heureux que vous êtes gais gay,, comme je vous forcerais et vous ferais mon propre! Vraiment!! I just love ya!!

  2. frog,Les mots ne peuvent pas exprimer mon vrai amour pour vous. Comme un frère, je vous caresse!!

  3. P.S. I am still laughing. I’ve never ever seen anything like it and most likely never will I can die a happy woman, that’s all I needed! smooches!!

  4. That took forever to download!

    But well worth it! It was great! How did you ever get Julie Andrews to sing the new lyrics? You sly devil you!

  5. Annoyed again! Must remember to visit here later when I get home.

  6. you certainly do not lack creativity! now, i am going to be singing the song all day!

  7. Rob, how’d you download it?? I want to keep it forever and have them play the DVD at my funeral and then be buried with the DVD!!That and a really nice matching pumps and handbag cause I don’t think you bunions in heaven?

  8. Well, well, a frog with a blog
    how funny !
    I discovered you visiting bitching babs who isn’t a bitch at all but a powerfull vivid lady just across the ocean…
    Frog, however, lives only 300 km from my house.
    Try a big big jump and you may arrive right in the middle of my garden !!
    Allez y !

  9. Mickelino,
    forgot to say…
    you’re a french dish..
    you’re kidding : du vin, du pain et du boursin ?????

  10. Creative and mad, that’s what you are – that was hilarious!

  11. Just like Baudelaire.

  12. I didn’t download the file Babs, sorry. I meant it took a while for the video to load from his page. There must be a way to download it however, or maybe Micke could send you the original file! 🙂

    I want that played at my funeral too!

  13. I loved it! But one thing. When my now 14 yr old daughter was 6 or 7 she LOVED The Sound of Music. I mean LOVED as in I had to make her an outfit like the one with the apron which she wore around the house while singing the show songs. The problem? Now I am picturing her little self singing B-a Barb….

  14. HAHAHAHAHA!!! COMPLETELY FAB, Micke!! “Chapeau” to you, sir. We must get together and make some outfits out of drapes/curtains. Bags I get to be Mother Superior.

  15. Thanks! And since I’m getting a bit curvy, I get to play “the hills”…

  16. I too come by way of Babs..and am dieing to hear said tribute..alas the words will have to do as I cannot seem to open the music file..still singing along anyway.

    Merci merci

  17. Frog,pourquoi m’êtes-vous devenus si spéciaux ? Est cela votre intelligence, votre personnage lui-même, ou vous la personnalité par vos mots et actions qui parlent plus fort que des mots ? No, this is not right in french, I cannot get it right. You have become so special to me because your actions, speak louder than words. Your persona is bigger than life and I can appreciate those who are real and genuine. And I have a profound love and respect for you.
    All My Love,

  18. Just to say hello!

  19. This was fantastic. I have no idea how you did this, but it’s great.

  20. I want the world to know that I love a FROG!!

  21. I want more…you can’t stop now!

  22. where for art thou, my fair frog,
    have you fallen asleep beside a log,
    dreaming and hoping that one fine day, that princess that kisses you will really be gay?
    Sorry it’s tranny tuesday, didn’t you get the memo? I miss you frog!xoxo

  23. hallo? anyone home? tu nous manques Frog! faudra-t-il qu’on lance un SOS?

  24. Don’t worry, Frog is ok, he phoned me for my birthday two days ago

  25. And I still have a profound love and respect for you.
    All My Love,
    P.S. Two major heart attacks later will cause one to look at true love, life and the laughter!!!

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