Favorite Kodak Moment

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18 Responses

  1. oh, that was wonderful. I actually have a tear in my eye and I don’t cry frog. I told you I love you and I meant it.Like a little brother, you bring me joy and you make me laugh. I just love my french dish!

  2. I can hear them! I can hear them! The voices in my head… etc.

  3. rhino, now just stop. That was beautiful and I really had a tear in my eye. People could drop dead around me and I won’t cry but that touched me. You both were so handsome at the end, just breathtaking. And it will be breathtaking if I have to come to Paris rhino cause you made fun! If I had a wanker, I’d cock slap you from here, thump or maybe thud! Just kidding! xoxo

    Mickelino, I was touched, enough that I sent it to my Mom to see. She said oh they seem so nice. Little does she know…

  4. Beat the hell outta him Babs!

  5. Is this pic ‘work-safe’, I wonder? What the heck, let me go check.

  6. Fuck, I need flash to see it. Will have to check tonight.

  7. Absolutely bloody marvellous!!!

    Such a clever frog!

  8. wasn’t that just awesome Nomad! If that frog wasn’t gay, I’d sell my ass, (it would take a while), hop on a plane and marry that man, whether he liked it or not!!

  9. I can’t watch it at work! They won’t let me. I’ll have to watch it when I go home in the morning 😦

  10. :::Crying:::

    I LOVE you Micke! That was so beautiful!


  11. Rob, wasn’t that the best thing since hershey came out with kisses. I fucking cried too and I do not cry!! I just love that damn frog!!

  12. Well, you guys, thanks but this wasn’t meant to make you all cry, it was just a little tribute to some of my favorite blogger-friends since after all you’re all part of my daily life. But I shall stop now or I may start sounding sanctimonious 😉
    Kisses to y’all

  13. Sante, he’s sanctimonious too!!!

  14. wow, i’m impressed 🙂

  15. I don’t want you to ever stop being sanctimonious if this is the result! Smooches Mickelino!

  16. Micke, hon, tu sais ce que veut dire “sanctimonious”, non? “Moralisateur” – rien à voir avec la sensiblerie. But I think you’re just teasing. 😉

  17. Arrêtez le Rhino, il est sérieux!

  18. I miss you frog, hope you are well! Did you ever try the Janes Crazy Salt? It may not be your taste, w/ that french palate of yours. Smooches lovey!!

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