Homework while I’m gone

OK, so I’m going away again! I have meetings in southern France. Cannes, Nice and Marseille. Won’t be back before next week. Sigh…

Your homework while I’m gone: Please answer the following question:
“Is blogging a substitute for a repressed artistic need”?
I’d really like to know. Please fill that comment box!

And for those of you who live in the New York area, I urge you to go and see my friend Hélène‘s show. Hélène is my fabulous artistic director friend who lives in NYC. She’s completely crazy and directs a theater company in Dumbo. Their plays deal with the franco-American relationship, stressing clichés, complete exaggeration and burlesque.

In their latest show, they travel around NY ferries dressed in pink air-hostesses, saving the lives of passengers (I think). They will get to be part of Murray Hill’s show, a famous drag-king and I so wish I were in NY to see it.

Till then, have a great weekend.

kiss kiss


20 Responses

  1. Homework, or a mission?

    I’ll have to contemplate a bit… brb.

  2. In case you don’t read my one comment back to you on my blog, I brought it to you…
    Frog, did you get that one Rubbbbb it? Instead of ribbit, like most frogs, you say rubbbbb it!! Yes, me too, I’ll be back that’s a question close to what is the meaning of life, I have to contemplate. See, I miss you already!!

  3. My blog is the main outlet for my artistic need. There’s nowt repressed about it. That’s how sad I am.

    Missing you already!

  4. No, karaoke’s my substitute for a repressed artistic need – blogging’s just FUN!! Have a good trip Micke and don’t work too hard.

  5. OMG, I’d love to be there for rhino’s performance at karaoke, that would surely be a kodak moment.
    Yes, I think I am a frustrated writer who needs to vent,bitch, moan, complain, be sassy, be silly, be retarded, be me! And what is your answer oh great teacher/mentor?


  7. Juteux est son deuxième prénom

  8. I have thought about it. And while I enjoy a very robust performance career in music, I still enjoy the creative outlet of writing. Creative writing especially. It shouldn’t come as a surprise I suppose, since musical composition was always my forte, but writing in my BLOG has become a cathardic experiance for me; with regard to articulating my internal struggles.

    Writing about it helps me deal. So, while I don’t believe I am repressing an artistic need, I am repressing quite a bit MORE about everything else in my life! So the blog is allowing those issues to surface in their time, so I can relate, regurgitate, repudiate, and respond in due time.

    I just need to learn how to spell.

  9. Thanks guys, this is very interesting. i’ll tell you why I asked you this questions soon.

    Whatalofoffun: Is that a quote from a movie? Because, I’m lost here.

    Babs: How did you know my last name was Juicy? Actually, my real last name means “naughty boy” in old French. Not too far from juicy then.

    Rhino: I still want to see you in action. Let’s get a few drinks a do the karaoke tour that we’ve been talking about for least a year!

    Ms. Mac: “that’s how sad I am”. Ms. Mac, you seem to live the most fun life of all of us! I mean you even manage to make bandaging your feet an interesting and fun topic!

  10. Frog, if rhino does the karaoke, will you please record it? I think the blogosphere needs a little pick-me-up!!
    I believe your last name is naughty boy in old french, yes I do!

  11. my personal urge to blog comes from a repressed need to be silly…very silly.

  12. First of all welcome back. I did the Babel Fish translate this page thingie on your blog. So its not working what did it say.

  13. tu m’épates! mais on dit rien, ok? ca reste entre nous! 😉 j’étais fatiguée de l’autre, j’ai voulu recommencer tout frais! j’ai le menton par terre, comment as-tu fais? ca y est, i am now officially paranoid! hahahaha!

  14. Oh, so you have been away? And I didn’t even notice! *GRIN*

  15. hey frog 🙂

    still away?

    thanks for the eurovision translation, all the swedish was making my head spin mwah

  16. When I open your blog at work, there is a sudden rash of windows that flash open. The first is open on the blog but the rest have a blog 404 (I think) error.

    Are you deliberately trying to sabotage me?

  17. It just did it again. One FrogBlog and four four-O-four’s. It’s French sabotage, I tell you.

  18. What are you talking about Nomad? I’m totally computer incompetent, how dare you accuse me of sabotage? I’m such a nice boy! Does it happen on my blog only? And how come you’re checking blogs at work anyway? I think your employer is spying on you and deliberately sent you bugs to have you stop bloggin and get down to business instead! This is a bit worrying though… does it happen to anyone else?

  19. WOW, International sabotage and intrigue. The plot thickens. Nomad frog/Agent 0069 doesn’t know any of that stuff. He leaves it for me, Ms. Moneypenny better known as Ms.Nomoney!

  20. Frog, like a true frog, I choose not to work when at work. As for it only happening with your blog? Well, it also seems to happen to Queermind’s blog and he’s South African. Are the French and S Africans colluding against the poms?

    Wouldn’t suprise me since it was the French that helped S Africa instal their nuclear reactor many moons ago

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