My favorite color isn’t grey

Guess what Mickelino’s been trying to organize for a month ? Yes, you’re right, a European meeting in Paris. I’ve been working my squeezable ass® off to rent a venue, book the hotel, restaurants, check out how many Brits were vegetarians, AND I have to present to whole damn thing by myself AND for 2 whole days! As if that wasn’t enough, the unions in this country have decided to organize a general strike on the first day of my meeting. i.e tomorrow morning. (in 5 hours! i.e what the hell am I doing on this blog now?)

That’s just great! No trains, no flights, no Métro, nothing. I can’t postpone the whole thing now. It’s too late, everything is booked and paid for. Guess who’s going to be sitting alone in a big meeting room commenting stupid Power Point slides to himself for 2 whole days?

I hate this country.

And I hate this clown president of ours who’s “done it again”. After the comments on Finnish and British food (ok, he wasn’t entirely wrong but like me he should’ve shut up and been nice), here comes the “I can’t help making sure the whole world understands how limited and obnoxious French people are” comment.
If at least people were demonstrating against the real problems: Chiras is one, but how about the absence of Will & Grace on French TV, or why is Six Feet Under dubbed in French, and why don’t we get any news about Angelina Jolie’s future baby?

I’m on strike. Merde alors…

13 Responses

  1. At least make sure you eat up all the catored food! You can have the shrimp, can I have the lovely pastries?

  2. I am officially protesting with you, no matter what it is.Try to find the bright and shiny side of it frog,. OK, I heard that… shut the hell up with your bright and shiny bullshit, I got somethin’ bright and shiny you can shove up your ass, how ’bout that,huh? Fell better?
    Good luck, whatever it is!

  3. I love France. Especially the bizarre stubborness of Chirac. It makes things interesting.

    But I agree, I grey is not my favourite colour either. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that grey isn’t even a colour at all. It’s a charlitan.

  4. I’m really upset why didn’t you tell me you had such an important meeting today I wouln’t have been on strike myself I’m not joking it’s bad luck!As Bab says find the bright side of it,cheer up,there’s no coincidence, maybe that meeting wouldn’t have been a success….

  5. i am sorry to tell you that also, here in italy, there is a huge gaping hole in the tabloids where they SHOULD be giving minute by minute angela j. pregnancy reports. what are we supposed to do with our free time!! CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME??!!

  6. Great news! All my people showed up on time! first meeting day went very well in spite of the 3 million people demonstrating. The whole city center smells like tear gas and I had a big drink to celebrate.

  7. In 1968 the youth rioted in Paris to change the world; almost 40 years later they are rioting to prevent change. Something seems a bit odd to me!

    Did you know that Heather Ledger is Angelina’s baby’s father?

  8. I hope all went well for you today. Did you show ’em how it’s done, Micke?? hugs, smooches and a squish or two!!

  9. 3 million in France hon’, only 1 million in Paris. Florence got tear-gassed on her way home (Nation), but that’s what you get for living in the suburbs (arf!). You do know that the Jolie-Pitts are living in the 15ème, don’tcha? I spent hours poring over the photos of them in “Voici” trying to recognize where exactly, but to no avail ::sigh::

  10. Well, yes I know Rhino that it was 3 million in France and not 3 million in Paris, why did I say that? Do the Pitt-Jolie live in the 15ème? I had no idea! WHAT? do they really?

  11. YES because Angelina promised her mother, who was born in France, that she would have her child here. Am I the ONLY person who spends their days hanging out in dentists’ waiting rooms, browsing through the mags??

  12. Rhino, you know so much about the important stuff. Thank god I know someone in showbiz like you. Can’t you create your own entertainment magazine to keep us all updated? “Rhino Weekly”?

  13. I want to subscribe now to Rhino Weekly. I’ll even do the commercial promo spots here in America, just for you!But Mickelino should have some contributing edge to the mag, don’t you agree?

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