So healthy!


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  1. I do hope this is only the first in an ongoing series!

  2. your f’n killing me!LOL But you look so well and rested,how could I possibly begrudge you having a good time.It’s bollocks I tell you. I missed you and I’m glad you’re back!

  3. P.S.,You handsome devil you!!

  4. Ms.Mac, you’ll definitely see more of these!
    Babs darlink, thanks! Haven’t had time to comment on your comments yet, if you see what i mean. (i know you do), have been catching up on everybody’s blogs without commenting anywhere, but anyway, thanks for worrying about me becoming a decent healthy guy. Don’t worry, I’m still the lazy junky bastard I was a week ago.
    PS: I hate post-vacation laundry

  5. you dumbass, this is the 4th time I watched this and I can’t stop laughing. I just can’t take it!! OMG

  6. know what you mean about post vacation laundry – i hate unpacking as well. I hate coming back – point final!
    looking forward to more of these – they are fun. But please don’t die on us coughing! *wink*

  7. allusion to Sporty Spice was hillarious 😉 Somehow i got the impression that you might not be going back to the gym at all 😉

  8. Papillon Oriental: Are you kidding? I am sooo going back to that gym. First I just need to find out what I did with that expensive membership card I got a year ago, second I need to look at a map to find out where the gym is. But I am sooo there!

  9. just testing, just testing! 😉

  10. That was fucking hilarious!! Especially so when it stopped at various points when you had a less than flattering expression on your face! 🙂

    Cough, splutter, cough!

    I hope you do more of these.

    Welcome back

  11. More,more,more’
    I’m glad you got your spice. I like that candy in hot tea, too(the fire candy). It’s all good, baby!! Glad you’re home and so healthy, (insert big smooch here)

  12. mickelino, get your ass to bed right this moment. It’s 1AM and your still running around like Zorro the gay blade! No work tomorrow? Or are you independantly gay, I mean wealthy? A squeeze, a squish, of your nice touche! I just made that up just for you my delicious french dish!!

  13. Well I cant hear anything cause my computer at work has no speakers but it looks very healthy and lekker (nice) LOL

  14. I can’t wait to go home and watch this video! My computer at work won’t let me 😦

  15. That was excellent! HA! I loved it, the smoking, the orange juice, the TAN!

    ENCORE! More please!

  16. Mickelino, I hope your date tonite goes swell, or was it last nite? As fit and well rested as you are, your sure to run circles around something!tehe!!

  17. Hey, thanks, Nomad, Babs, Butterfly, Rob and Whatolotoffun! I’ll be back soon with some more video confessions.

    Babs, the date was last night and it went very well thank you. I didn’t make the salad though as I wasn’t at my place…

  18. LOL

    You and me mate,

    we can change each others breathing tubes when we are carted off to hospital for lung cancer treatment and liver replacement.

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