I love silly questions

During my various trips, I collected great questions people have asked me about France and being French. Here are a few of them. All of them are true and none of them were meant as a joke unfortunately.

All remained unanswered.

I should also add that most of these questions were asked to me when I was in the States, although lack of world knowledge is not only an American specialty, as Thais and Swedes haven’t proved to be much more knowledgeable.

Finally, I should also add that the French are not much better either (although according to one of Nomad’s old posts, we are 24% better hung that most other nationalities).

Is your last name France?
So you’re from Bordeaux! Yeah right! How can you come from a place named after a drink, I mean nobody comes from Coca-Cola for crying out loud!
So you’re from Bordeaux! Whereabout in Paris is that?
But you speak English! I thought there were rules against that in your country! Is that true that you strangle muslim women with their own veils?
Do you have the Internet in France?
Is it true that you hate Americans?
Is it true that you worship Saddam Hussein and support terrorism?
Is France a country that still exists?
Are you still at war with Germany?
Is true that most Frenchmen are gay?
Do you really tongue-kiss your friends and relatives?

Now people, I’m sure you’ve collected a great deal of silly questions about your respective coutries while traveling. I collect silly questions. Talk to me!


16 Responses

  1. Ms.Mac, I saw you’d left a comment here saying that my template got completely mad! It did indeed but the problem should be solved now. It’s just that Firefox doesn’t like my posts, everything I publish on IE turns crazy on Firefox.
    Anyway, you had another question… right?

  2. I rushed over here to comment in case you de-linked me!

    I don’t believe all those questions are genuine – you are a lying frog, after all!

    They are rather hilarious, though. Silly questions/comments I’ve had:

    Do you get wild animals wandering around the streets?

    You’re from Cape Town? – you may know my very good friend who lives in Zambia.

    Is it true that blacks weren’t allowed to walk on the pavements? Actually, maybe not that silly a question for some parts of the country.

    You speak English so well! People often assume that all white S Africans are Afrikaans. Even lots of British people think that.

    There must be more that I can’t think of right now.

    By the way, your blog is doing odd things in firefox again.

  3. Seems like Ms Mac and I are having the same probs when it comes to Firefox.

  4. While staying in a large mansion in Mexico with an anthropology professor of mine, one of the maids… or maybe one of the other local indians who came to speak to the Prof asked me, “So back in America, is your home just like this?”

    I wish. Common misconception that all Americans are rich. Although I couldn’t blame them, because by any standard or measurement even the poorest amoung us was more well off than the tremendous poverity that I witness. Most especially in the Yucatan where the Mayan remant still remain.

  5. Yes, I wanted to know if I became your friend, would I get a tongue kiss? I’d brush my teeth first. The post looks fine in my Firefox now.

    ps. Next time I’m in Paris for sure!

  6. Having lived in different parts of Africa for over 10 years, when i would come back to Europe on vacation, friends and family would ask: do you live in a hut? do lions circle your house? Bless them: ignorance is bliss.

  7. My only questions, my sweet parisian is; do you dream in french or english? Do you feel me squeezing your touchy?xoxo

  8. One more question. Because I don’t know french humor, did you get the 69 joke on my audioblog?

  9. Darling Babs, although I also get my numbers mixed up like Ma Pearl, anything that deals with numbered sexual positions, I get it!

  10. Have you become all techie now? You got the firefox look sorted out…good lad!!

    By the way, I like your pic to illustrate this post – for once, it goes with the text! 🙂

  11. two that I encountered in Europe:
    How can you be an American and not eat at McDonald’s?
    What is your country’s problem with blowjobs?!

  12. là pour le moment pas de souvenirs de questions… mais les tiennes m’ont bien fait rire… c’est à se demander où était la caméra cachée !!!

  13. Merci pour la visite! Comment as-tu deviné? Danmark – oui 😉 Vu que tu as fais la Suède et les EUA, ca m’a intriguée; car moi aussi je voyage: citizen of the world!

  14. I’m from Ireland, and we get a lot of “Don’t you get scared of all the bombs all the time?”
    And that’s just from the English, and they’re our next door neighbours. EVERYONE! IRELAND ISN’T A WAR ZONE!

    I really enjoyed this post!

  15. Nomad: Seriously, do you know my friend Liza who lives in the Congo? I have heard this type of question too: Oh you live in Paris! Do you know my friend Pierre?

    Ms.Mac and Nomad: Blogging has turned me into a real techie although I still can’t figure out how to get as many readers as you both do. I’m sure there’s something technical in your success. It can’t be class and talent only!

    Rob, I want to hear more about your experience in Mexico. With all the details…

    Eastern Butterfly: How about those polar bears in Denmark and is it true that all Danes are talented caricature artists? Your French is great! Where did you live in Africa?

    Patita: I have never met any Americans who had a problem with blow jobs, although I’d like to hear your version of the story. Thanks for visiting!

    Babs: I have dreamt in different languages, Swedish especially. I’ve heard that I even speak Swedish in my sleep. Never in English though. Most of the time I dream in body language though.

    Marieke: Je suis sûr que tu en as entendu de toutes sortes lorsque tu étais en Italie.

    Arrogantcow: I just love your picture and I love calling you arrogant cow. Arrogant Cow! I knew about the English mad cows but had never heard of the Irish arrogant ones!

    Babs again: I need you to squeeze a little bit more please.

  16. Réponse : En Italie, on me disait chaque jour que les Français “hanno la puzza sotto il naso”… que nous sommes snobs, horriblement snobs. prétentieux, etc. Mais pas le souvenir de questions bizarres… Je continue à chercher au fin fond de ma mémoire !

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