What day is it today?

While everybody spent the whole day making out by the fire place, giving each other presents of all sorts, proposing, kneeling down for various reasons… I spent my day shedding tears at my cousin’s funeral who’s died of a sudden heart-attack at the age of 36. A handsome, successful man with a 9 year old kid and a nice uniform has just left us without any notice, heart problems or anything. It’s really sad.
But let’s talk about something else please! I was at my uncle’s place last night and found a few minutes to check my emails and this blog. He uses Firefox and for the first time I realized that my blog looks completely retarded on Firefox! I could barely see anything! Now I understand Nomad’s * cryptic comments about having to highlight the posts in order to read them. I really thought he was speaking in tongues as usual or he may have had too much of these weed-pies he serves his maids, but he may have had a point…
What should I do? I’m completely computer illiterate! Help!
*You can nominate Nomad’s blog for the best South African blog award here.
(I should be nice to him, you see, ‘cos he might be able to help me)

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  1. So sorry about your cousin Micke.

    Happy V-day to you none-the-less.

    And I didn’t know Nomad spoke in tongues, interesting. I wonder if he likes to hum while in… oh nevermind!

  2. Sorry to hear that Micke.

    And thank you for realising that I was speaking sense all this time! And thank you for giving me a plug (no, not THAT sort!).

    Rob is the clever one that gives html lessons, shouldn’t he be helping?

    Firstly, I’d suggest you download firefox on your home computer. Generally, what looks ok on firefox looks ok on IE but not necessarily the other way around. There is a free developer kit thing you can download for firefox (can check at home for you) that is a great help for formatting and fiddling with your web page. You don’t need to be a techie to use it but it may take you a while to get used to some of the things. It may be worth your while.

    rob: I have a VERY versatile tongue!

  3. Micke love, I don’t know what you’ve done but all of a sudden your blog has become legible!! It’s a miracle!!!

  4. Just the top bits are, the bottom bits aren’t. What does this say about our French dish, I wonder?

  5. Rhino, Nomad, are you both using Firefox? And has it always looked like this on Firefox??? or is it recent? And what do you mean Rhino that suddenly it became legible, what happened? I don’t know what this says about me but I am definitely a dish!

    Now that I think about it, I was acually called “a bimbo without the good looks” once… eeewwww i’m going downhill!!!

    Please you guys stop using Firefox NOW, IT’S AN ORDER! until I have found a person who can actually help me with my H-U-G-E problem!

  6. Hon, EVERYONE is using Firefox, did you not know? 😉

  7. I only recently started using it. I switched at the time I changed the blog look as someone who was using firefox told me it looked odd. Since then, I’ve grown to prefer it.

    So, when are you going to grow up? It’s only cute being a child up to a certain point, you know.

  8. Hi Mickelino.. To lose someone we love is hard and it gets even harder when they die young and leave small children behind. But I keep on thinking that everything has a meaning, even the bad stuff..I know too well how it is to lose people and you have all of my “sympatier” (here goes my bad english again)But I do know you get my mix 🙂

  9. I can’t help you Micke, I’m sorry. I don’t use FireFox unlike the grown-ups! 🙂

    As for tweaking the blog, I’m afraid I also have to help to offer there either, most of the blogger template is set to scripting/programming code. I wouldn’t know where to begin actually. I’ve never programmed.

  10. Thanks Scandianaviannova, you’re a dear and thanks for sending all your sympatier!

    Rob: That’s all right dear, thanks anyway, I’ll find a solution. What is Firefox anyway? Is it an internet explorer for senior citizens? And me who thought Nomad couldn’t read my blog because of poor sight due to age, not because of firefox!

  11. I thing that undishy frog is cruising for a bruising! Firefox is an ‘open’ linux-based version of IE. Anyone can download it for free. Very simple to use and actually faster than IE. Even you won’t find any difficulty in getting it up (!) and running!

  12. Oh dear!

    When are the two of you going to dispense with the foreplay, and just get to IT already!

    All this sexual tension, reminds me of when I lived in the dorm at college, on an all guys floor!

  13. All I can say is that I can be pretty foxy every now and then.

  14. well, my little problem should be solved now, this blog should look ok on firefox.

    Sirpa, You ARE a fox, you are the naughtiest woman I know with the most divine breasts!

    And you too Nomad!

  15. …and they are real and not hairy.

  16. I have divine breasts? Is that what you call my man-titties>

    Clever frog dish, you have foxed it out.

  17. Hey,
    I love what you’e doing!
    Don’t ever change and best of luck.

    Raymon W.

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