No, I wasn’t quiet, I was just away. Went to Prague with work for a few days and came back late yesterday. A few days away from the blogosphere and I just don’t seem to be able to catch up with anything anymore. So much seems to have happened during the past few days: first I missed a great html lesson by Rob, then his missed date (and I wasn’t even there to comfort him), Noodle’s review is now out there, he’s grown a beard and Rhino looks great and tanned! Oh my god, did everybody really like Brokeback Mountain? Hm… I feel like I should write a little review myself. Nomad’s reports on fires in Cape Town, English people being arrested for starting them! I also missed the revenge of certain people who seem to have taken my nasty comments about England pretty badly and now make me feel guilty for the bad economical situation of a whole country;-). The only thing that hasn’t changed is Marieke’s view. That feels safe…
Anyway, I’m happy to be back even if Prague was great, as beautiful as ever and when I got back, this new little wireless connection card was waiting for me. I can use my laptop in every corner of my apartment! It’s so great and oh! look at me writing this post while sitting on the toilet!

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  1. Next time you don’t feel like going to Prag in case you miss out on something really exiting happening in Bloggers land..I can for sure do the trip for you!!

  2. I want to go to Prague! You do get about don’t you?

    Did you see my link about having another reason to hate the French? If not, here it is again:


  3. Oh, and are you saying you didn’t like Brokeback? If you read my review of the film, you’d have seen that unlike most others, I was rather underwhelmed by the film. While having my hair cut by my very sexy barber on Saturday, I felt a bit guilty about my assessment of the film as he found it very profound and moving.

  4. Scandinavian dear: I would love to send you to some of my boring business trips while I carry on blogging however, Prag was wonderful so I didn’t mind going to that one!

    Nomad: Yes I do get to travel a bit, but the destinations are not as glamorous as they used to be when I was stationed in Asia. And No I haven’t checked that site, will do it soon, as I actually find it fun to read about why people hate us so much. It’s also fascinating to see how legitimate it is to pick on certain nationalities like the French while it’s so politically incorrect to make fun of say…the Mexicans or the Ethiopians. Seriously, I have this masochistic (spelling?) taste for national clichés and cross-cultural misunderstandings. So carry on hating the French I love it! At least that means that some people think about us every now and then.

    Regarding Brokeback Mountain, I did read your review and tend to agree with it. I wasn’t touched by it at all, probably due to the high expectations I had before going there. I have been thinking about this movie a lot since I saw it a few weeks ago and the more I think about it the less I like it… I guess I’ll write somthing about it too although I’m not really inspired to do so.

  5. Who said I hate the French?

    I do, but I’ve never said so! 🙂

    I rather like national cliches too – I always assume that there is some truth to them but I don’t base my opinions on people based on the cliches as that would be pure stupidity.

    Of course you can’t make fun of Mexicans and Ethiopians just as you can’t make fun of Blacks, moffies, Jews, Hindus, women and midgets. But, white men, the French, the English and Americans are fair game.

  6. It is indeed pure stupidity to judge people on clichés about their nationality. But I just find it so delightful to tease people on clichés. I love the love & hate relationships that go on between the English and the French or the Americans and the French.

    Just read the post you sent about “another reason to hate the French”. I’ve always known we were 24% more intelligent than the rest of the world!

  7. merci pour ta petite dédicace et sache une chose Mickelino… TU NOUS MANQUES !!!! Alors, on se voit quand ? Pour une bonne partie de rigolades, de papotages et de moqueries ?!

  8. You haven’t nearly missed so much Micke! 🙂

    But I’m glad your back!

    Is it true that Prauge has a GREAT underground sex industry? Tell us all about it!

  9. Prague has a great underground, definitely, it can basically take you anywhere. Regarding the sex industry, I don’t know since I’m not AT ALL interested in such things!!! *shocking* However, the Czechs have an extensive porn film production (but of course I’ve never seen one *eeww shocking*) and many Czechs will be happy to sleep with the culturally-starving tourist(which I have never been of course!) and systematically ask you to pay for the encounter (which I would never do of course!) That’s what I’ve heard anyway, but how would I know?

  10. You are sooo nice, then I will go on your next one okay?..IF your tips is working that will say, you know the three “V”..hehe..I must say that I liked the last one best and think that it is the V as in Vodka that will do the trick!

    Take care!

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