Le Roi c’est Moi!

This weekend is going to be exciting! I know what you’re all asking through the cyber skies: “is Mickelino going to get completely wasted on Veuve Cliquot, with fabulous friends at some fancy hotel in central Paris, meeting lots of VIPs and being one at the same time?” Well, no no no, it’s going to be much better than that…

This weekend is L’Epiphanie, some obscure religious celebration that nobody really understands but more importantly the climax of mouthful orgasms: La galette des rois.

La galette des rois is my favorite! It is the simplest but the best cake in the world. Based on puff pastry and marzipan, this cake also includes a little surprise: La fève (the bean)!

“Oh Mickelino, we love surprises!”

I know you do! Basically, what you would expect of this tradition is to sit around your dinner table with your galette in the middle of it and a golden crown (take any golden crown you may have at reach). The objective is to get the piece of cake where the “fève” is hidden and if you get it then you become the king/queen and wear a beautiful golden crown. We call this “tirer les rois” i.e pick the kings (or fuck the kings in suburbian French). Anyway, if you get to be the king, you must choose your queen and vice versa and then you get or give a kiss. Which is almost as good as wearing a golden crown. Plus you get to taste a highly orgasmic cake!

Oh my God! It’s like the perfect combination: food and fun!”

I know! Favorite Mr.B and I started the celebration last weekend already and unfortunately for me he got to be the king. (I don’t really like to lose, but oh well…) But oh what a surprise! I was named queen immediately!… A very special moment…

“But we want to do it too!”

Ok, so if you are bored this weekend, bake something puffy, invite someone you fancy, pick the king/queen, tell him/her that this is a French tradition and that there must be a kiss in the end. Your guest(s) will be so impressed by your worldliness that it’ll guarantee you a free ticket to the bedroom… and you’ll get to wear a crown too!

“Thank you Mickelino, for another great tip of yours!”
You’re welcome! To get the recipe click on the picture of the galette! Finally, have fun on your coronation day!

10 Responses

  1. That sounds like FUN micke!

    I can order one of these gella-thingies online? No? And I can get a crown at Burger King!


  2. Were those pictures taken at a practice session? And, if you get the bean, does it grow into a giant beanstalk?

    It does sound like a lot of fun – food and sex, I mean, fun.

  3. What happens if you eat the bean by accident?

    Can you still claim your sex reward?

  4. tame ::sigh::

  5. Sounds fun….very similar to the King Cake thing they do in New Orleans at Mardi Gras but instead of a bean they hid a little plastic baby.

    I’ve always thought it strange to bake a baby in a cake, and who would really want to find that…but a bean sounds better!

  6. HA HA Michael! Makes sense that the French Creole would adapt the festival!

  7. Oh, you drama queen ! It wasn´t a coincidence that Favourite Mr. B got the bean.

  8. I’m TIRED of this post now, can we have a new one please?? 🙂

  9. I’m tired of it too!!!

  10. Just flew to France to say hello. Beautiful pictures. You look like someone I would have a good time with. I’ll bring the lemons,cheers!

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