Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve at ChateauLino last night:
Homemade goose-liver pâté
Parsley and garlic stuffed snails
Goose-liver stuffed rooster served with caramelized apples and green beans
Cheese and lettuce
Asian fruit salad

Wonderful friends, good food, good Champers, much kissing at midnight but my place looks like this today:


1) Smoke max 5/day
2) Go to the gym at least 3 times/week
(and actually use that expensive gym card I’ve purchased)
3) Lose 3 kilos
4) Stop drinking on week nights in order to lose 3 kilos
5) Start using those roller-blades I got on my B’day
(should help me lose 3 kilos)
6) Stop frowning at old bitch from the second floor
7) Learn Arabic
8) Save money to go on hols and pay taxes if any left
9) Watch less TV
10) Work less
11) Go to bed earlier
12) Pay my bills on time
13) Pout less

21 Responses

  1. I take it that Santa brought you the camera you wanted then :))!! Lovely photos of Juliette and Favourite Mr. B. And of the other people too, but I don’t know them. It WAS you, wasn’t it, who called on New Year’s Eve with some loud incomprehensible singing??

  2. Fun FUN FUN!

    I predict you will keep only one of your New Year’s Resolutions, and it won’t be the ‘losing 3 k’ one either! 🙂

  3. I only wish I had been there, my favourite frog.Happy New Year & don´t lose any of those divine kilos of yours.

  4. Good luck with the losing of those 3 kilos even if anonymous says that they are divine.

    But why pout less?

  5. Keep on frowning at the old bitch (why fix something that isn´t broken…?) ja hyvää uutta vuotta, Mikko rakas. Miss ya.

  6. Rhino: Yes, it was me who sang, well it was US actually. But it wasn’t incomprehensible, it was a beautiful new year song, just for you Rhino!

    Anonymous: Look Rhino! I have an anonymous admirer too! Although I think I know who it is… but not sure! hm…

    Nomad: People tell me I pout way too much, need to do something about it I guess.

    Rob:I have gained 3 kilos since Christmas, or almost and haven’t kept any of my resolutions yet. I mean NONE! Help!

    Sirpelina: Kukkuluuru Sirpa rakas ja hyvää uutta vuotta to you too!

  7. Micke, it WAS beautiful and much appreciated. I believe I was doing the Locomotion at the time (hmmm, does that date me?) Your Finnish is getting rusty though. :))

  8. I wish I could blog about my two stalkers….it’s really coming to a rather dramatic head at the moment. The one has told the other one that he will ‘glass him’ and burn his house down if he ever sees me again. Tres dramatic? Yes, perhaps, but he means it! A bit unhinged? Yes, definitely.

  9. I didn’t give you a Chistmas pressie…you can have my stalkers! Both are good in bed so you’ll have a good time even if you may need to mop up blood at times

  10. :::sigh:::

    I wish I had stalkers. You guys are so LUCKY!

    Than again, my blog is pretty anonymous. 🙂

  11. At one stage, last night, I was threatened with my face being glassed in and/or being killed. I seem to have calmed things down for the time being but I’ve decided not to go to the Brokeback Mountain with stalker A on Saturday and I need to see if I really ought to be seeing stalker D more often than once in a blue moon.

    Are you sure you want stalkers, rob?

  12. ooooh Nomad, it’s like High Noon!! Wonderful!! I saw your stalker’s comment Micke, and was VERY impressed!! Who is it?

  13. Nomad, why did you introduce your stalkers to each other? Let them worship you from a distance, in isolation from one another.

    I’ll take which ever stalker has a nicer package. Send me pics, and online profile links!

  14. Nomad, I think it’s high time you blogged/gave us the whole story!

    PS: Do add pics and links!

    Rhino: I think my stalker is Patsy in AbFab.

  15. eeewww that reminds me of something I have to tell you, but not on the blog…

  16. Why not on the BLOG Rhino!

    There are no secrets that the whole world via the internet cannot be witness to!

    I hate when people keep secrets!

  17. Nottingham is a small city with a small gay scene. Gay men who go on the gay scene are bound to know each other by sight if not more. So, being possessed of good manners, I always introduce friends/acquaintances to each other so it is impossible not to have introduced them to each other.

    There are things I can’t blog about because of my readers. So, alas, for the time being , such things will have to remain secret. Although, should you be really really nice to me, I’ll let you in through the back door. 😉

  18. oooooo, missus, offering to let Micke in “by the back door” – now THAT’S what I call an invitation!! (and you thought the age of innuendo was dead?)

  19. How can you let anyone in by the back door when you haven’t even checked the carrot situation? You’re taking a risk, it could be a small-snack carrot in a tasteless dip or it could be a savoury vegetarian German sausage…

    Nomad, you GOTTA move out of Nottingham! This is becoming too dangerous for you. Move to London or any big city, to a place where you can safely sleep with half of the city without getting caught or ever running into an ex.

  20. My imagination runs riot prior to the discovery phase …part of my downfall! I imagine a lovely piece of spicey salami although that’s Italian more than French. Chorizo and chourico are even better. What is the French equivalent?

    I don’t want to move away from here…it’s comfortable despite the dangers. And, if I were to move to somewhere like London, I’d be dead in a year from over-indulgence.–>

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