Dear all,

I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, to you and you and yieu, to my friends, new blogging pals: my dyed-in-the-wool moffies (*wink*), Favorite Mr.B, my family (‘cos some of them read this blog, how embarrassing!), Santa (I’ve been a god boy so bring me a digital camera) and I’ll stop here or it’s going to turn into a cheesy Oscar ceremony speech. Finally a very special kiss to the pour souls who are alone this year & have nothing to do on Christmas but read this stupid blog.
I’m leaving early in the morning to go there and then there. Will be back in the City of Lights on Wednesday.
Until then, Joyeux Noël.


2 Responses

  1. Bye Micke!

    HAve fun! ANd have lots of SEX!

  2. I’ve only just read your Christmas wishes as I’ve studiously avoided the world of blogs over the past few days. So, from your winking, dyed-in-the-wool moffie, many thanks and many winks and hope you are having a great time.

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