Junky Froggy

Because of my natural addictive tendencies, I have always made sure to not try drugs, well, I have tried a few things but thankfully never got hooked on any of them (if you exclude cigarettes, alcohol, sex, candy, chocolate, biting nails and compulsive TV watching of course, in good company of friends only, whose presence I can blame for my frenetic consumption).
Thus everything was fine and dandy until I found this new stuff. Apparently it comes from some far-eastern country and it is highly addictive. Well someone should’ve warned me earlier then! The problem for me is that it’s too late now, I’m completely hooked on it and I can’t get rid of it. It’s preventing me from going out, meeting people, I must do it everyday, at home, on the subway, I even hide in the bathroom at work to do it!
But I’m not the only one, it seems that the whole world is hooked on the same shit. In London last week, I saw hundreds of people doing it too! Even my mother is an addict now and she can’t stop either!!!
And you’re probably crazy about it too, but you don’t want to admit it!
Wanna know how to get it for free on the Net? Well check
here and ENJOY!

36 Responses

  1. I dunno Micke!

    I can’t play that game!

    But I LOVE the assortment of fine drugs in the first pic 🙂

  2. i’m also addicted. trust rob not to be able to play! 🙂

  3. What does that mean! =)

    I’ll have you BOTH know that I am a PRO at Strip-Monopoly!

  4. So, rob, when do we get to play? Strip-Monopoly, that is. 😉

  5. Yeah let’s play strip monopoly so that I finally get to see what both of you look like!
    Can’t wait!

  6. I will show you my face before you see my bits! But you have no email address here *sad face*

  7. You don’t wanna see me, your not missing much, trust me!

  8. rob, are you a doctor?

  9. No. But one of my favorite shows on BBC America is “House Doctor” w/Allistair Appleton 🙂

  10. I *LOVE* Alistair Appleton, he’s so cute and yet still does funny drugs in Brazil (although not in House Doctor). Do you read his blog?

  11. Should I have a look at your photos or should I stick to the nice pictures I already have in my mind? I indeed imagine Nomad looking like a mix between a younger Tony Blair and Prince Charles, while Rob looks more like Princess Margaret before she turned blind. Everytime you post a comment here, I imagine you like this. It’s great.

  12. Rob: who is this person Alistair you lust after? Never heard of him.

    Mickelino: keep to the pictures in your head but do some serious revision – I have ABSOLUTELY no resemblance to either of those men and if I did, I’d have a face transplant.

  13. Alistair Appleton is the most beautiful, most lovely, most appetizing man I have ever seen! He litterally graces my TV with his presence every so often with two shows that are shown here in the States, on BBC-America. Cash In The Attic, and House Doctor! He makes me soo WET! I want to molest him, repeatedly.

    Rhino, you are the FIRST european I know who KNOWS Mr. Appleton! OMG! He is the SHIT right? I love him even more than YOU! I read his blog periodically, I often steal his photos and post them on my blog! He is so… :::UMPH!!:::

    I want him NOW!



    :::Fanning myself:::

    Excuse me folks, while I go releave some “tension” that has swelt up!

  14. When you’re done, could you send his blog link, so that we see what he looks like?

  15. I second that request….I also want to have to fan myself to calm down!

  16. Yup Rob, though I must confess that it was Noodle who introduced me to him. But he’s on the BBC!! And he helped present the Proms this year. “Cash in the Attic” is on BBC Prime on Sunday mornings Micke, (t’as BBC Prime sur la Freebox ou pas?) Blog is http://www.alistairappleton.com/blog/

  17. Just checked his site out, I’m sorry but as we say in French: il ne vaut pas un pet de lapin! (He’s not even worth a rabbit’s fart).

  18. I was going to check it out but I trust mickelino’s judgement and not really keen on rabbit’s farts, so won’t go after all! 🙂

  19. You’re such a tease!

  20. You guys are MISTAKEN! Micke you have been looking at the wrong BLOG. Alistair is totally Boner-Worthy!

    I’ll admit his blog is quite verbose, and he talks about a lot of boring things, but I like his pics! Let me show you what I liked!

    This Pic

    And This Pic

    And This Pic

    Give him another chance! Who’s the tease Michael 🙂 I don’t tease… I give it out freely 🙂

  21. well sure, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed but I did yawn a lot reading his blog!
    Rob, have you ever sent any comments to him? Does he know you even exist? DO SOMETHING! Propose!

  22. He doesn’t know me, I have never innitiated contact. But I’m sure he gets lots of emails from gay guys, I don’t want to be one of *THOSE* guys.

    I’m happy to worship from afar!

    Propose, oh please… I don’t know if I’d go that far!

  23. Yes but you’re much funnier and more charming than the “other guys” Rob;-)

  24. OMG “I trust Mickelino’s judgement” says Nomad!!! Micke, I think he’s in love – I’ve NEVER heard anyone who knows you utter those words :))

  25. Jealousy will lead you nowhere Rhino! Watch out or I may start boycotting your blog!;-)

  26. oooooo, hark at you!!

  27. I still haven’t been to have a look at him. Can I trust his site and not have bare torsos thrusting themselves at me here in the office?

    rhino: am I misguided in trusting him on anything? can I trust you to believe what you say about him?

  28. Don’t trust him when he makes you believe that you shouldn’t trust the trust you have in me. Trust me!

  29. are you a doctor?

  30. Do you suffer from some kind of illness that makes you repeat the same things on and on again? What’s that disease called again?

  31. I have so many diseases that I lose track of what they are called. However, no, I don’t have that disease. So, you aren’t a doctor?

  32. I’m starting to sympathize with Rob more and more…
    Ok, Yes I AM a doctor, what/who else do you want me to be?

  33. I want you to be an arrogant, smelly Frenchman who moans and groans when he’s being slutty.

  34. He wants you to wear a dress too Micke… watch out 🙂

  35. ok, but he’ll have to do something in return then…

  36. I am more than happy to do something in return! Any requests?

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