What am I thinking about?


7 Responses

  1. You have that Devilish look in your eye!

    The caption for the Photo should read:

    “If I do the Mary Tyler Moore thing right now, will that make me EXTRA Gay?”

  2. So THAT’s what the frog with a blog looks like! 🙂

    If I wasn’t so shy, I’d have winked there!

  3. I see that Nomad isn’t that reluctant after all and does travel around a bit! But don’t be shy and DO wink! We frogs love winking roast-beefs…

  4. Rob! and me who was acting really butch and all… I was actually doing a Sarah Jessica Parker not a Mary Tyler Moore!

  5. *wink*

    By the way, do you know that the Portuguese also refer to the English as ‘bifes’? Well, I assume they do as the Portuguese in Mozambique used that term for South Africans.

    *another wink*

  6. Tu penses que Bruno est trop lent pour faire la mise au point et que tu as froid et que tu es sûr que les gens vont penser que tu te la pètes avec ton écharpe multicolore… mais tu es trop content d’avoir un bus londonien d’hier toi, puisqu’ils vont bientôt disparaître et cela prouve que tu es bien à London !!!

  7. Ah… Sarah J. Parker!

    My bad 🙂

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