What happened to Andrew Lappin?

Coming soon: a report from my weekend trip to London. In the meantime and in order to keep you waiting, I’d like to set the expectations and make you work a little.
Something really bizarre happened at our hotel. We found clothes in the corridor, right outside our room door. A white T-shirt, a pair of faded jeans, an employee name-tag with the name Andrew Lappin on it and a ticket to Madame Butterfly, scattered along our door and wall… What does it all mean? Let’s check how far your imagination can stretch, all suggestions are welcome.

11 Responses

  1. VERY Agatha Christie, if you ask me… You’ve already got the title :))

  2. How intriguing!

    Poor Mr. Andrew Lappin was obviously kidnapped! His abuductors took him while he was at work, stripped him in haste (hense the clothing & name tag haphazzardly strewn aside) tied and quite possibly blind folded.

    Can you imagine poor Andrew Lappin tied up, unable to see, totally nude trembling while his very HOT and muscled abductors have total control of him. The lucky bastard!

    Anyway, blame his father, he was kidnapped for “insurance” reasons, since his father had created an antidote to a very powerful chemical poisen/biological weapon that every major country is trying to buy right now on EBAY, being sold the highest bidder!

    Poor poor Andrew, his father better co-operate, or he might end up in the white slave market!

  3. I think you know more about this than you’re letting on Rob… hmmm, Rhino Poirot…

  4. LOL Brilliant Rob! I love it! I knew you were going to be good at that! But how do you explain the Madame Butterfly ticket then?

  5. Rhino, I am innocent until proven guilty! 🙂

  6. Mickelino, the Madame Butterfly ticket is the MOST IMPORTANT clue in the entire crime scene!

    It is a “calling card” of sorts! A secret message to poor poor Mr. Lappin’s father, the chemist. You see it was NOT little Andrew who was at the Opera that night (clearly he was at work) but Andrew’s FATHER who at the opera that night.

    Because while Mr. Lappin Senior was taking a routine piss in the lavatory during intermission, a very shady gentleman with large biceps told him he had better surrender the formula to KAOS (the evil mastermind organization) or ELSE!

    Mr. Lappin Senior didn’t realize it at the time, but as his son was kidnapped (and quite possibly taken advantage of… once again the lucky bastard) a ticket was left with his belongs in the hall. It serves as a reminder and/or clue NOT to the police, but to Andrew’s father!

    How diabolical!

  7. Oh my god Rob! and where were YOU when it all happened?

  8. I was busy with my **SHOWBIZ** career, of COURSE!

    I have an Air-tight alibi.

    Besides, you know what they say. If you found the evidence, then you probably DID IT!

  9. I think it´s quite obvious, that Andrew met this gorgeous concierge in the corridor, forgot all about the evening show, ripped his clothes off, pushed the equally eager hotel worker to the first best vacant room and now he´s having the best service ever in the jacuzzi.

  10. I suppose thats ONE way to see it Sirpelina 🙂 ha ha.

    It’s funny how we all assume the missing guy is GAY. Oh well, with tickets to Madame Butterfly, it’s a given!

  11. Actually, I was having a flashback to the late 80’s…the Hippidrome in London…when I suddenly tore off my t and p’s and realized I’m just as fucking hot as ever…who needs M Butterfly when you have a body like this. Line up kiddies! Deep House is about to take on a new meaning…

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