Paris brûle t-elle?

What? what? is that true? Did you hear the news? Paris is on fire! What’s happening? Am so worried and scared! Read more here.

7 Responses

  1. It’s a travesty Mickelino, Paris’s panties are sacred, she is a virgin you know!

  2. I insist you post Everyday! Starting today of course.

    Please hurry.

  3. Micke, hon, am hurt that you got Marieke and Rob’s links right but not mine ;( I’m Say hello to Bordeaux from me!

  4. oh sorry Rhino, am such a loser, but why do you call yourself Rhino when your address is bookpacker?? Too complicated for my little brain.
    And Robbie darling, I promise to write more often but am being so busy and important in southern France at the moment, gathering inspiration in order to write new posts. Will be back soon. Thanks.

  5. Excellent news Mickelino! I look forward to reading about all your adventures in southern France!

  6. :::Tapping Fingers:::

  7. yes, come on Micke, we know you’re back!!!

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