… and then we took Munich, part 2

(picture: Mattheus and I, Italian restaurant in Munich)

My friend Eric and I decided to invade our poor German friends’ lives by firstly arriving 3 hours late to my other friend Mattheus’ birthday party. We had had quite a few drinks on the plane and some extras on the train going downtown, so we had quite a jolly arrival and were met by our host plus several of his friends. We had a terrific night and a great weekend. We were so well taken care of despite our obnoxious attitude throughout our stay. I think I talked so much during that weekend plus uttered so much nonsense that my jaws and my brain were in pain on my way back and I genuinely felt sorry for our hosts’ ears.

Our stay was varied, we were both cultural (visited the city on some funky touristy blue bus, yelling “WOW” a lot, visited some architecture exhibition at the gorgeous Museum of Modern Arts) and Sporty Spices (first ever yoga class, taught by Mattheus, never felt so sore in my whole life after that!) and sociable (met some of Mattheus and Stefan’s wonderful friends, Friso, Nicholas (Friedrich), Michael and Wenzel).
That whole gang took a trip to Chiemsee on Sunday to visit Ludwig the Second’s crazy copy of Versailles on a tiny island in the middle of a lake. Gee, the guy was weird! and finally we got back to Paris feeling really tired and slighly more alcoholic.


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